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Edward R. Blomgren, PhD, Asheville, NC

Edward.jpgI chose Mike Wayne of Legacy Investigator for the genealogical  research for my upcoming book The American Republicanism of Benjamin-Waite Blanchard (due out in mid-to-late 2016) because two colleagues were so pleased with his work, and recommended his expertise. They were right: not only did he save me loads of time so I could concentrate on writing, he followed up some leads that I could never have, because he knew how to dig deep. The delights of his genealogical discoveries, such as finding one-of-a-kind photographs of Blanchard and relatives, are such a major part of the book that I almost feel I should offer co-authorship to him! If you need genealogical research you can’t go wrong with Mike Wayne and all numerous  the resources he has at his fingertips!

Peggy, Alberta Canada

I knew who my grandfather was, but was not aware of who his parents were or their locations. Michael at Legacy Investigator was able to not only trace his line back into France, but he was able to find all of his sibblings and their families connecting me with cousins I didn't even know I had.  Legacy Investigator sent me very detailed reports containing records and sources enabling me to learn more of his history.  I am now addicted to genealogy and have started searching my moms lines.  I know if I have any questions or problems Michael will be there and support me in my journey. Legacy Investigator, is a dedicated top notch caring organization who will devote his time to you, so you too can discover your roots.

Audrey.jpgAudrey, Bedford, Qc. Canada

I was having difficulty in finding records & details with my ongoing genealogy. I discovered Michael at Legacy Investigator, He provided me with detailed reports and documents assisting me with my genealogy research. Michael is dependable, responsive and a great genealogist.

Ray, Zephyrhills, FL

Ray JPG.jpgMichael at Legacy Investigator, has provided me with detailed reports and documents, assisting me with my ongoing family genealogy research. His work and response to me has been prompt and accurate sometimes supplying me with more information than I expected. I have found Michael to be a dependable genealogist who will work hard to meet your needs as he met mine.

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